155 million Americans play games on regular basis. This figure is also going to take a sharp rise as the gaming industry is also focusing on the development of new games. But if somebody wants to have a desktop or a laptop for games and don’t want to take a game console then what would be the better choice for that person. What would be the best choice for having the games on the righteous device? A short comparison of both desktop computer and a laptop is given below:


One of the biggest advantages of having a laptop is that you can take it anywhere. It will not make you disturb due to its bulky size and easily you can carry it. This can even adjust into your school bag or a bag which you are going to take for traveling.

But in comparison with that, a PC cannot be moved easily from one place to another. It will take some time to move here and there. Because one of the main factors is that the LCD would be large in size. The other reason is that desktops are not made for moving rather they are made to put in a single location and then not moved. But in the case of any problem you can move them but not on a usual basis.

Display screen

Keeping in view the screen or the display we can find that desktops are larger in size and their size can be varied too. Because you can easily place a big LCD with your desktop or you can hook them to your TV too. Moreover, by connecting to a larger LCD their size can be equivalent to the sizes of TV.

But when we talk about the laptops so there the sizes are not much bigger but this is small. According to the needs of gaming if you are a game lover then the laptop would not be the best choice for you. You can have the laptop ranging from 10’’-17’’. For larger screen display you can connect them with a separate LCD or any projector.


One of the main factor which makes any game great is the graphic. As the graphics would be clear so shall the game would be. For that purpose in desktops, you can easily put the graphic cards which can visualize the better performance for games. And you can even place two graphic cards at the sometimes along with the desktop. A desktop can work on above than 1000 watts too, keeping in view some devices requirements.

But while in laptops, you cannot put the graphic card and you need to carry along with your usual built-in requirements. There you can work above than average with some CAD-based applications. However there are still some laptops which are specially designed for gaming, however, if you find a trouble in your Optiplex 760 then easily upgrade Dell Optiplex 760 Drivers. In that way, you can resolve the issue of graphics but still due to limited power you cannot sue the graphic cards in laptops.