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What are the Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Speakers

The invention of Bluetooth technology reduced the human effort in operating different variety of devices like computer, speakers, printer etc. So the invention of this technology is worth utilizing and you can do multi tasking. One of the prime uses of this Bluetooth technology is Bluetooth caller to connect the phone. So that you don’t need to hold your phone on the ears which emits huge amount of infra red rays. So this reduces the effect of the infra red rays on the human health. Today for file sharing between two devices are made wireless by using this technology. This technology is incorporated with the party speakers of large size to share files. Earlier, the files transfer or playing the song requires a CD Drive or pen drive to transfer the songs. Today the large Bluetooth speakers for the parties or celebration can play the songs with smart phone Bluetooth technology. And it is not spatial disturbance like we experience with remote control. This Bluetooth technology requires staying within 30 feet radius either at the front or back.

This technology does not require any wire systems to be connected with the speakers which disturbs while operating it. It does not require any external boxes or software installation. It comes with the hardware and it can be immediately connected to the speaker within 2 minutes. The party speakers are coming with set of flash lights which works the way the music played in it. For an example if the low volume song is played, the light will blink dimmer and the high volume song will be played with bright light. For the party environment, these flash lights create the great effect like pup light effects. You get to play your songs with any device which has the Bluetooth technology like mobiles, laptops, Mp3 players etc. one of the disadvantage of this type of Bluetooth speaker is that the operator has to be in the close proximity of 30 feet. Usually the party halls will be of two to three room sizes. So it may not viable to operate from all the rooms. But for small party halls it is worth installing it. When you have a person to play the songs separately, these are the best speakers compared to the conventional one. There is a myth that these Bluetooth speakers cannot compete with the conventional or regular speakers as they are directly coupled and deliver high pitch raw music. But the Bluetooth speakers deliver a reduced volume compared to the regular music. Many people are reporting that the Bluetooth speakers are not compatible like mobile phones and laptops.

The Bluetooth speakers are coming with large size and small size for party atmosphere. These devices are coming with FM radios and master equalizers. These large Bluetooth speakers are coming with 2 years of warranty and shipment is made within one week even your location is overseas. But you have to bare the expense of shipping the device when you shift them to and fro from your place.

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