When we’re packing our suitcase for our impending holiday, we appear to have  a tendency to try and cram everything in. We know we probably won’t be using certain items but we try to pack them in anyway. But at a certain point when we realize, we’ve gone too far, we then start thinking a little bit more practically. And the most useful items spring to mind over those big bulk items we may never even have unpacked. So, to help you avoid this dilemma, we’ve compiled some of the must-have holiday gadgets that are available to buy today, to help make your holiday that little bit easier.

Travel Alarm Clock

One item which often proves to be handy is a travel alarm. Many prefer not to be woken up when on holiday as it reminds them too much of a work-like existence but then others prefer not to be sleeping their holiday away. There may also be excursions that you have to arrive at a certain time for.

Mobile Phone

You probably consider your mobile phone to be something of an essential item and no doubt have it with you at all times. Or almost. But it won’t be an use if you forget to take your charger with you so ensure that you have that packed firmly in your case. Your fellow travelers may need to contact you at some point and vice versa so don’t make things difficult by leaving such an essential item behind.


Another useful gadget to have with you on your travels is a pair of binoculars. Whether it’s just having a greater view of the area from your hotel window or balcony or gaining an improved view of an iconic building like Rockefeller Centre, a pair of binoculars can really emphasize the experience. In terms of packing, many binoculars today can be folded up and fit into a really small space, even your pocket, in fact.


It may seem an unthinkable proposition for many not to have your iPod with you on your holiday. It may seem such wherever you go. But just in case, if you are sitting on the fence, it would be wise to take it with you. It doesn’t take up too much space and if you find yourself travelling from one place to another or being unable to sleep due to an uncomfortable climate, it may just be your Savior.