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How To Use Gadgets At Night Without Disturbing Your Sleep Cycle

Recent studies have shown that using gadgets just before sleeping can hamper our sleep cycle in a drastic way. Yes! It’s a no surprise! But do you know the real reason behind it? Gadgets are known to emit a certain type of light which interferes in the form of sending alerts to your brain and affecting body clock thereby. So the next time you throw yourself on bed to sleep early but indulge in just a 5 minutes chat with your whatsapp buddy/check mails via your laptop and wonder after that where did all the sleepiness go, you know where and how! However another truth is that gadgets can be avoided in this technology driven world and if you want to know how to make use of them in the best possible manner without affecting your human biological cycle, here is how to do so:


If you like reading books on electronic device for putting yourself for a good night’s sleep, the best way to do that is by reducing the brightness on the screen. Staring on a glaring bright screen in darkness can have a harmful impact on your eyes. The brighter the display will be, the more light will hit your eye thereby messing up with your brain and leaving you sleep deprived. Most of the devices today (such as Kindle which you can buy online at the best price by using Amazon) are equipped with automatic brightness settings which dim on their own in darkness and power up the display when under the harsh rays of sunlight. Even if not, you can adjust the settings. Besides this, low brightness level also helps in retaining the battery of your device for a longer period of time.


Many people can’t seem to find time to check their mails which is why they resort to checking them just before going to sleep. If you really have to do it that way, your best bet for doing that should be by using your phone and not your laptop. A laptop has a big screen which means more light transmission to your eyes. On the other hand, your 5.5 inch phone has a much smaller screen and it won’t affect your sleep cycle as much as your laptop will. Also ensure that you are holding your mobile from a considerable distance instead of just holding it below your eyes. The closer it will be to you, the more light there will be released. You can even make use of mobile holder so as to not strain your eyes and read it at a straight angle.


Don’t count out the lights installed in your room for making this process easier. Most of the light bulbs in our rooms emit blue lights which can affect our body cycle. Smart lights will let you adjust lighting automatically as per your preferences. Philips Hue line is a popular choice among people for using smart lights. Before going to bed, you can switch on a warmer shade light. For added easiness, you can even sync these settings into your app and never go through the process of adjusting lighting again and again.

Hope these tips help you make optimal use of gadgets at night without compromising on your sleep.

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