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Have Fun with Playing Le Neng Toys K1 Humanoid Robot

Are you looking for the best remote control robot? You may prefer Le Neng Toys K1 Intelligent Programmable Humanoid remote control robot.  The robot comes with many excellent features such as shoot music dance arm-swing function. This mini robot is intelligent programmable so that it can perform different complex actions. The robot is made of the high-quality material, which you can see clearly in the material and workmanship. Hence, do not hesitate to take it home.

Specification of Le Neng toys:

The le neng toys is the RC robot and made of using the material ABS. It has 2.4 GHz remote control along with various other functions. It includes walk, fight, shoot, dance, arm-swing, programming function, and machine language. You can access the robot from the 30-meter remote distance. A 3.7V 600mAh Li-po battery is used for the robot so that it works well and last for a long time. You can charge the robot about 2-3 hours, and it works for 20-30 minutes. Try to use 2*AA battery for the remote controller of the toy. The dimension of the robot is 390 * 260 * 120mm and weighs 1005 gram. Moreover, it comes with an attractive silver color.

Notable features of Le Neng toys K1:

  • The Le Neng toys K1 is a remote control robot that offers lots of fun with its various actions
  • Through remote, you can make the robot dance, shoot, fight, walk, and much more
  • The entire robot body is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic material
  • The transmitter of the toy requires only 2*AA batteries
  • The robot also comes with cool LED flashing lights that attracts you more
  • Moreover, it is the best companion for your kids
  • Using the remote control, everything can be controlled from your place
  • Plenty of options are there for every movement of the robot
  • The novelty robot toys are designed to be flexible so that they move easily in all sorts of direction
  • It has many humanoid designs such as the flexible arm, movable helmet, and cool LED light at the eye. These are all making the robot more vivid.

A quick review of Le Neng toys K1:

This robot is made of high-quality ABS material, more durable, and has humanoid design. It is the best friend for kids above the age of six.  It moves in all directions, turns left, turns right, forward, and backward.  This mini humanoid robot has two different modes such as walking and slide mode (slowly and speedy). You can switch the mode freely and control the robot direction at ease.

On the remote control, all the keys can be programmed to add various playing way. Over 50 keys you can program. In addition to, you can connect many actions together and replay them as well to fulfill your expectations and increase the fun. Because of its flexibility, you can control robot arm by left or right hand up and down. Additionally, one can shoot in a fixed direction or even randomly.

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